iphone 12 repair screen

iphone 12 repair screen

The iPhone 12 is a beautiful and powerful smartphone, but dropping it can lead to a broken screen. While many people may panic and think they need to take their phone to a repair shop or replace it altogether, fixing a broken iPhone 12 screen is actually possible with the right tools and knowledge.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps needed to repair your broken iPhone 12 screen yourself. Keep in mind that this process requires a bit of technical skill, so if you don’t feel comfortable attempting it yourself, it’s best to take your phone to a professional.

Tools Needed:

  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Spudger tool
  • Replacement screen and digitizer assembly
  • Adhesive strips
  • Heat gun or hair dryer

Step 1: Power off your iPhone 12.

Before beginning any repairs, make sure your iPhone 12 is powered off to avoid causing any additional damage.

Step 2: Remove the two pentalobe screws at the bottom of the phone.

Using a pentalobe screwdriver, remove the two screws at the bottom of your iPhone 12 to loosen the screen.

Step 3: Heat the edges of the screen.

Use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the edges of the screen for a few minutes. This will help loosen the adhesive and make it easier to remove the screen.

Step 4: Insert a spudger tool.

Once the screen is heated, use a spudger tool to gently pry open the screen from the bottom edge. Be careful not to damage the phone or the screen.

Step 5: Remove the screen.

Slowly and carefully lift the screen up from the bottom edge, taking care not to damage the cables that are still connected.

Step 6: Disconnect the cables.

Using a spudger tool, carefully disconnect the cables that connect the screen and digitizer to the phone’s logic board.

Step 7: Remove the adhesive strips.

Remove the adhesive strips that hold the screen and digitizer assembly in place.

Step 8: Install the replacement screen and digitizer assembly.

Carefully align the replacement screen and digitizer assembly and reattach the cables.

Step 9: Reattach the adhesive strips.

Reattach the adhesive strips to hold the replacement screen and digitizer assembly in place.

Step 10: Reattach the screen.

Carefully lower the screen back into place and tighten the two pentalobe screws at the bottom of the phone.

Step 11: Power on your iPhone 12.

Once you’ve completed the repair, power on your iPhone 12 and make sure the new screen is functioning properly.

While repairing a broken iPhone 12 screen can be intimidating, with the right tools and patience, it’s possible to fix it yourself. However, if you’re not comfortable attempting it yourself, seek the help of a professional. By following these steps, you’ll have your iPhone 12 looking and functioning like new again in no time.

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